• Conoco & Phillips Museums
  • Conoco & Phillips Museums
  • Conoco & Phillips Museums
  • Conoco & Phillips Museums
  • Conoco & Phillips Museums

The Conoco Museum & Phillips Petroleum Company Museum


Location: Ponca City, OK & Bartlesville, OK

The Conoco & Phillips Museums are located about an hour from each other, and celebrate the technological contributions and advancements that Conoco and Phillips separately brought to the field of petroleum refinement before they merged to form one company called Phillips 66. USA worked in a Prime Contractor partnership, managing subcontractors and site work, and also fabricating over 35 exhibits in both museums, including interactive exhibits, technology and media integration, artifact and display cases, scenic replicas, tensile fabric "cyclones", internally lit fiberglass display columns, ceiling mounted architectural elements, and a structural wall system.

Project Type:

Corporate Museum

In-House Services:

Fabrication & Installation
Casework & Cabinetry
Custom Wall Systems
Interactive Exhibits
Artifact Mounting
Media Integration
Print Production Management
Subcontract Management

Contract Type:

Prime Contractor Partnership


Beck Interiors


Haley Sharpe Design

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