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Hadrosaurus foulkii: The Dinosaur that Changed the World

Location: Philadelphia, PA

The discovery of Hadrosaurus foulkii in Haddonfield, New Jersey in 1858 is a story linked directly to the history of the Academy. Dioramas, graphics, scenic murals and vignettes, flip books, video and hands-on interactive exhibits accompany a fully-articulated dinosaur skeleton. USA worked with the Academy to design and fabricate interactive exhibits that helped visitors understand the challenges that paleontologists face when interpreting their findings: Assembling a pile of graphic dinosaur bones correctly on a magnetic wall, comparing illustrations of dinosaurs as they were imagined 150 years ago with a more current understanding of what they looked like, and making an educated guess between two similar samples to determine which is a rock and which is a fossil.

Project Type:

Natural History Museum

In-House Services:

Design Development
Graphic Production Management
Artifact Mounting
Casework & Cabinetry
Interactive Exhibits

Contract Type:

Exhibit Contractor


Academy of Natural Sciences

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